North Captiva is a remote island only accessible by boat, or if you’re cool enough, plane. Unfortunately I’m not that cool and have to take the boat. I know, rough life right!

If you get a chance to stay on this beautiful island, you won’t forget it. It takes you away from your day to day responsibilities. Escaping from the constant noise we have in our lives. It allows you to unplug and enjoy time. Whether it Ashley is a family photographer covering Naples, Bonita Springs, Ft Myers, Captiva and Sanibel Island and all of Southwest with your family playing games, spending time on the beach, or simply getting lost in a book.

When planning for your trip, you have to make sure you plan ahead of time. Making a detailed grocery list will help you be prepared for the week. You can do your own shopping as you head to the ferry, or have a service do it for you. While there are ways to get groceries delivered, it will cost you.


As a local, born and raised in Ft Myers, I know all the best kept secrets. Fun things to do with you little ones, the best restaurants to dine at and the best beaches. Often the beach you are staying at may be full of other beach goers, especially at sunset. I have a list of suggestions that will offer you the best images. 


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