Wow! What a way to remember your vacation. Skylar and Blake got engaged on the beach, and even better on an island! Little Gasparilla Island is remote, only accessible by ferry or boat. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Without the common crowds many of our beaches in southwest Florida have, they had the beach all to themselves. When Skylar reached out to me to book a session I knew it would be a good one! I mean I can’t really complain about having to travel by boat to my sessions. It’s a great excuse to take our boat out for the day, and makes a nice ending to the day as we head back in.

As a local, born and raised in Ft Myers, I know all the best kept secrets. Fun things to do with you little ones, the best restaurants to dine at and the best beaches. Often the beach you are staying at may be full of other beach goers, especially at sunset. I have a list of suggestions that will offer you the best images.


engaged on the beachengagement photosengaged on the beachengagement photosengagement photosengagement photosengaged on the beach


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